Abbreviation: TA-SWISS
Name: Centre for Technology Assessment
Description: Technology assessment (TA) is a function that is stipulated in the federal law on research (research law). Following the amendment of this law on 5 October 2007, this function is the responsibility of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences. As a result, the Centre for Technology Assessment TA-SWISS became a Centre for Excellence of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences on 1 January 2008. TA-SWISS has been carrying out technology assessments since 1992.
Country Code: CH
Zip Code: 3011
City: Berne
Street: Brunngasse 36
Phone Number: +41 31 310 99 60
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Zentrum für Technologiefolgen-Abschätzung
Brunngasse 36
CH-3011 Bern

T +41 31 310 99 60
F +41 31 310 99 61